Custom Data Feeds

If you are looking for Web-Ready Widgets for your website please visit Widgets For Your Site. offers Custom Data Feeds that provide access to thousands of financial instruments in our Symbol Catalog. Our data services make it easy to integrate financial information into your website or to automate back-office systems maintenance.


Data Feed Formats

All Custom Data Feeds are built on a client-by-client basis to make integration seamless. Clients pick the symbols, update frequency (from once-per-day to every 15 minutes), delivery format and even the specific markup in their feed.

Data Feed Market Coverage

Visit our Symbol Catalog for detailed information about our market coverage. In summary, covers the following financial markets:

  • Money Markets (treasuries, swaps, mortgage rates, benchmark indexes, etc.)
  • Commodities/Futures
  • Currencies/FOREX
  • Global Capital Market Indexes
  • Global Economic Indicators

Historical Data retains decades of data for many symbols. Historical data can be accessed as a one-time download or as part of a regular data feed update.

To order and/or get answers call 1.843.886.3635 or write to - feel the pulse of the world economy@theFinancials
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